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Agricultural machinery

Tuflesa has specialised in the manufacture of tubes for the agricultural sector. The manufacture of structural tubes from special, highly-resistant steels makes it possible to reduce the weight of elements for ploughing, tillage, sowing, harvesting, etc. Their size can therefore be increased with the subsequent improvement in productivity, while reducing their weight, consumption and CO2 emissions.


Thanks to its continuous commitment to innovation and development, Bornay is able to adapt rapidly to market needs. The close relationship with the customer is focused on offering a certified, quality service, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements.

Flexible production system

Reliable delivery dates

Optimisation to reduce costs

Aftersales support and service

Selection of raw material

Quality controls

Investment in human capital

Compliance with the requirements of the customer

Structural tubes

We manufacture hollow-profile welded structural tubes for construction, according to the EN 10219 standard part 1 and 2, in different grades and special highly-resistant steels.

Tubos y Flejes S.L. ha recibido una ayuda de 111.083,10 € dentro del programa de incentivos ligados al autoconsumo y almacenamiento, con fuentes de energía renovable, así como a la implantación de sistemas térmicos renovables en el sector residencial en el marco del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia, financiado por la Unión Europea – NextGenerationEU.