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Tuflesa contributes to a sustainable economy with clean technologies. It is important to minimise the impacts of industrial activity and, with this in mind, we produce tubing from new types of steel that help to comply with the environmental objectives of the European Union. The reduction of CO2 emissions via the modernisation of processes is another of our motivations. We support clean technology by reducing the use of energy, water and raw materials as well as through the efficient use of resources and materials; especially those that are not renewable.

Tuflesa develops efficient solutions for the renewable energy industry, contributing to the construction of solar photovoltaic and thermal power plants.

Furthermore, the use of recycled steel enables raw materials to be reused, favouring a more sustainable economy. This material is increasingly used in the construction industry to build light structures and obtain LEED certification.

Environmental certificates

Tubos y Flejes S.L. ha recibido una ayuda de 111.083,10 € dentro del programa de incentivos ligados al autoconsumo y almacenamiento, con fuentes de energía renovable, así como a la implantación de sistemas térmicos renovables en el sector residencial en el marco del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia, financiado por la Unión Europea – NextGenerationEU.